Exploration and Research on Joint Training and Education of Logistics Elite Apprentices by College and Enterprise

Xiang REN


The author investigates the implementation of the modern apprenticeship project of logistics management major in domestic higher vocational colleges, summarizes the problems existing in the implementation process, such as the quality of apprenticeship sources, the orientation of talent training objectives, professional teaching, apprenticeship training platform, apprenticeship career, enterprise teachers and so on, and makes a thorough analysis of the causes of the problems. Taking the exploration of training logistics elite apprentices in Hubei Communications Technical College as an example, it puts forward the precise orientation of the training objectives of logistics elite apprenticeship, implements the joint enrollment, joint training and joint employment of college and enterprise, and standardizes the selection mechanism of enterprise teachers to improve the quality of apprenticeship training. These practices of training logistics elite apprentices have been popularized and applied in other higher vocational colleges, and have achieved good results.


Logistics Elite Apprentices, Target Orientated Talent Training, Triple Combinations, Career Planning, School-enterprise Cooperation


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