An Experimental Study on the Training Method of Athletes' Physical Fitness in College Physical Education

Lun LI, LiangHui LIU, ShiSi ZOU


In view of the problems existing in the physical fitness training of men's basketball team members in colleges and universities, this paper explores the quality level and difference between the game training method and the conventional training way in three aspects of strength, speed and endurance of basketball team members by means of comparative experimental research and reasonable grouping. The results show that the game training method can improve the strength, speed and endurance of the test subjects, and the effect of speed, endurance and explosive force is obvious. It can also effectively improve the enthusiasm and interest of the test subjects to participate in the training. The study also found that this training method is inferior to the traditional one in terms of maximum strength. The results of the experiment can provide some reference for the design of the training scheme of men's basketball team in colleges and universities.


Game Training Method, Men's Basketball Team, Experimental Research


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