Blended Teaching Based on College Students' Sense of Acquisition Evaluation-A Case Study of Wuhan University of Technology

Xiaoxuan LI, Meng LI, Qin SUN


The purpose of blended teaching reform is to use advanced technology to guide students to study independently and deeply, so as to improve the sense of learning achievement of college students. This paper takes the students' acquisition consciousness as the starting point, takes the blended teaching model as the research problem, and adopts the method of rooted theory to interview some students and teachers of Wuhan University of Technology. The study found that there are some problems in MOOC classroom, such as poor system operation, unclear content design, reform slogan and so on, and some suggestions are put forward to improve the mixed teaching reform, such as strengthening training, grading learning, rearrangement etc.


Blended Teaching, MOOC, Sense of Acquisition, Qualitative Research, Online classroom


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