Practical Study of Trinity and "Double-qualified" Teachers Team Construction in Higher Vocational Colleges



Vocational education is a special type of education that pays attention to the cultivation of skilled personnel. Teachers in vocational colleges should not only have general teaching ability, but also have practical ability of enterprise post projects. The construction of “double-qualified” teachers has been paid attention to, but no very effective solution has yet been found. This paper analyses the definition of “double-qualified” teachers and the importance of their team construction. Combining with the practice of implementing the “three-in-one” or trinity and “double-qualified” teachers’ team construction in Hunan Modern Logistics College, this paper makes a systematic analysis and overall design from the aspects of construction ideas, construction standards, construction results and final objectives. Through the training mode of trinity and “double-qualified” teachers, the paper summarizes the successful experience in order to provide reference for the construction of “double-qualified” teachers in higher vocational colleges.


Higher Vocational Colleges, Trinity, Double-Qualified, Integration of Industry and Education


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