Teaching Reform of “N+2” Diversified Examination Mode—Take the Course of “Introduction to Logistics Management” as an Example

Lu CAO, Xuejiang WEI, Xiaofen ZHOU


The goal of running a school in colleges and universities is to train applied talents who meet the needs of society in an all-round way, with solid basic theory, strong practical ability, high comprehensive quality, facing the needs of talent market, adapting to the needs of production, construction, management and service. The continuous changes of learning methods and learning processes in the information age require that the learning evaluation of students should not be a single examination paper, but a diversified evaluation oriented to the learning process. In this paper, on the basis of analyzing on the problems existed in the traditional examination way, combined with the development of local colleges and universities, by the course of logistics management, to explore diversified evaluation method of teaching design, achieving the goal of improve the teaching quality and effect.


Diversification, Curriculum assessment, Logistics management


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