Research on Sustainable Human Resource Management Based on Practical System as Theoretical Model

Sen-lin FENG, Jing-chun CHEN, Shi-ya HUANG, Kun-Fa LEE


The paper takes the perspective of sustainability as the central point, balances the differences between organizational economic effects and sustainable development, and serves the practical systems and theoretical models of human resources in corporate marketing. On the basis of this, from the economic interests of employers and enterprises, employee career development, employee family and work balance, government taxation and expansion of employment demand, environmental protection and ecological stability, etc., the practical system of sustainable human resource management is extracted and derived. Theoretical models of dependent variables, process variables, and outcome variables. Let enterprises manage human resources sustainably and effectively when carrying out marketing work, in order to obtain sustainable market competitive advantage and achieve coordinated development of economy, society, environment and individual.


Sustainable human resource management, Theoretical model, Practical system


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