A Study on Translation and Communication Strategies of “Guan School” for Shaanxi Universities in the Context of “The Belt and Road”

Yun-gang WANG, Cong WANG, Jiang ZHANG, Xiao-li JIANG, Dan-qing LIU


This paper points out that the essence of making Chinese culture go out through translation is intercultural communication, and only by following the rules of communication can the expected goals be achieved. On the basis of Lasswell’s 5W communication model, this paper proposes a 5W translation model of Chinese culture. Based on the theory of translation and introduction, this paper takes the external translation of “Guan School’s” works as an example to discuss the effective translation and communication model of Chinese culture “going out”, so as to realize its dissemination in the target language culture, especially the strong western culture.


Communication Studies, Chinese Culture Going Out, Lasswell’s 5W Communication Model, 5W Translation and Communication Model


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