Research on the Strategy of Ice and Snow Sports Tourism Industry in Heilongjiang Province under the Background of Beijing Winter Olympic Games

Hong ZHANG, Cui LI


In order to promote the steady and rapid development of the ice and snow sports tourism industry in Heilongjiang Province, this paper probes into the pros and cons of the development direction of ice and snow sports tourism industry in Heilongjiang Province, and puts forward the development strategy of realizing significance for Heilongjiang Province by using the methods of observation and literature research. Under the background of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the local advantages and disadvantages of Heilongjiang Province are more prominent. For the sake of seizing the new development opportunities brought by the Winter Olympic Games, Heilongjiang Province needs to make good use of the local advantages, actively improve the disadvantaged areas, strengthen the awareness of cultural construction, enhance the influence of ice and snow sports tourism industry, and increase industrial value.


Heilongjiang province, Ice and snow industry, Strategy study


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