A Study of Sales Promotion, Brand Image and Perceived Value on Purchase Intention—A Case Study of Large-scale Stores

Chang-chun LI, Chang-chun LI


This study took five wholesale stores as the scope of study to explore the influence of sales promotion, brand image and perceived value on purchase intention. The consumers of five wholesale stores were taken as targets and data was collected by questionnaire survey method. A total of 400 questionnaires were distributed and 400 valid questionnaires were recovered, with a valid return rate of 100.0%. The valid questionnaire data were summarized and analyzed with SPSS software. The results show that: (1) “Sales promotion” of wholesale stores has a direct and significant impact on “brand image” and “perceived value”; (2) “Perceived value” of wholesale stores has a direct and significant impact on “brand image”; (3) “Sales promotion”, “ brand image” and “ perceived value” of wholesale stores all have a direct and significant impact on “purchase intention”. Finally, according to the conclusions of the study, relevant suggestions are put forward for the reference of the operation and management of wholesale stores and relevant vendors and future study directions.


Use motivation, Perceived value, Use satisfaction, Wholesale store, Sales promotion, Brand image, Perceived value, Purchase intention


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