An Action Research on English Teaching in Vocational and Technical College

Xiao-chen XU, Jing-bo REN, Lei ZHU, Liang LEI, Shu-yi ZHAO, Chao GAO, Qin-yuan MA, Yu-hong ZHU, Qing-fa ZHUANG


In order to transform technical college English teaching towards more directly to the future use of students, and help the graduates apply their English knowledge to their job, we abstract English for Specific Purposes teaching methodology, follow action research requirements and conduct the research from the following aspects: the accumulation of basic knowledge, the training of comprehensive skills, the infiltration of corporate culture and the integrity between general English teaching and English teaching for Electric Power Industry. The paper aims at improving English teaching quality in vocational college. However, there are some hindrances which exist in current College English teaching. First, the quality and orientation has been questioned by many English educators and reforms have been taken place continuously. Second, large class size make it very difficult for teachers to focus on students’ individual need and implement the ESP methodology. Third, the teacher team tends to be old and lack young force.


General English, English for electric power industry, ESP teaching methodology, Comprehensive skills, Corporate culture, Teaching orientation, Class size


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