Analysis of Terminal Delivery Mode in Express Industry

Hui-zhen WANG


The rapid development of e-commerce has led to the development of express delivery industry. The number of express parcels has increased dramatically year by year. Especially in festivals such as "Double Eleventh", the express delivery volume has reached seven or eight times as much as usual. Distribution disconnection, loss of goods and overstock of goods have become hot issues in society. This paper puts forward a new innovative mode of end-delivery - "joint distribution" mode, which completes the terminal distribution task through the mode of end-joint distribution center. End joint distribution means that after each logistics company transports the goods to the logistics centers of each city, the express delivery in the area under its jurisdiction is collected from the distribution centers of each logistics company, and then the goods are centrally distributed to the "last kilometer" distribution in the hands of customers.


E-commerce; End Delivery; Joint Distribution Center; Mode Innovation


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