Systematic Analysis of Bachelor-Master-Doctor Integrative Talent Training Model—Taking the Labor Economics Major of Harbin University of Commerce as an Example

Yong-hui DENG, Min-zhi LIANG


Facing the fast changing times, innovative talents training mechanism in Colleges and universities should follow the educational theory, cultivate the key abilities to support lifelong development and meet the requirements of the times, and cultivate morality and personality in the cultivation of abilities. The Bachelor-Master-Doctor integrative talent training mode is to construct a self-organizing and interactive Bachelor-Master-Doctor consortium of doctoral students, master students and undergraduates who have common academic interests and volunteer to engage in scientific research, and to give full play to cross-group science in social practice, research, academic exchanges and comprehensive evaluation, guided by problems. Students' "driving" and "supporting" effects, optimize the allocation of resources for talent training, enhance cognitive, cooperative, innovative and professional abilities, and cultivate useful talents to meet the needs of society.


Integration of Bachelor-Master-Doctor, Problem Oriented, Talent Training Mode


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