Teaching Reform of "Engineering Drawing" under Background of the "New Engineering"

Chun-yan YAO, Ji-hong SHAN, Jiong-lin ZHU, Yi SUN


The construction of "New Engineering" puts forward new requirements for teaching methods. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt effective teaching methods to realize the cultivation of students' innovative ability. Under the background of the "New Engineering", the teaching methods reform of "Engineering Drawing" based on micro-class and flip classroom is important. It mainly realizes the educational concept of comprehensive and coordinated development of knowledge, ability and quality of students. It cultivates students' engineering practice ability and design ability. It effectively solves the problems of "engineering" and "innovation", ensuring that students are targeted in the process of learning. The teaching methods reform practice results show the students’ practical ability and problem-solving ability are improved, and the learning ability and awareness of communication between each other are enhanced. The teaching methods stimulate students' learning interest and enthusiasm, and effectively improving the teaching quality of the "Engineering Drawing".


New Engineering, Engineering Drawing, Micro-class, Flip-class


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