A Study on the Path of "Internet+" Driving the Integration and Development of Production City—Based on the Investigation Report of Ganjiang New Area in Nanchang City

Jie XIONG, Xiao-yong HUANG


The proposal of "Internet+" provides a new thinking, a new plan and a new path for the integration and development of production cities, and the integration of production cities has taken a great step in the direction of intelligentization. In particular, the 5G era is coming, it is possible to realize the Internet of everything through the Internet, and the convergence of production cities will be raised to a new level. Based on this, the author set up a special research group to go deep into Ganjiang New area for investigation, master the development situation of Ganjiang New area as a whole, and find out the problems existing in the integration of Ganjiang New area's production cities. For our province "Internet+" production city integration development path put forward countermeasures and suggestions.


Internet+; Integration of Production City; Development Path


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