Reform and Practice of Teaching Method of "Process Parameter Measurement and Instrument" Aiming at Training Excellent Engineers

Jie SU, Xu-guang WANG, Xin ZENG


Based on the Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program, aiming at the problems existing in the teaching method of "process parameter measurement and instrumentation" at present, focusing on the train of engineering practicing ability and innovation ability, this paper and around the train of thought of engineering practice ability and innovation ability, this paper puts forward the reform measures of classroom teaching methods including teachers' engineering practice knowledge, utilization of open laboratories and practice bases, and methods of cultivating students' continuous learning ability, so as to lay a solid theoretical and practical foundation for training excellent engineers. The award-winning data proves that these measures are in line with the excellent engineers training target and meet the requirements for students' engineering practice ability and innovation ability.


Excellent Engineers; Process Parameter Measurement and Instrument; Education Reform


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