Choose Chinese Medicine Daily Consumption Brand Is to Pay “IQ Tax” or Buy “Material Benefit”? Research on Chinese Consumers' National Brand Consciousness and Its Influence on Purchasing Intention

Zeng-ping SHI, Xiao CHENG, Ling-mu XU, Zheng-zheng HUANG, Cui-ling GUAN


The role of Consumer Ethnocentric Tendency (National-brand consciousness)as driver of consumer purchase intention has largely been investigated at the inter organizational level, while there is a notable lack of studies on national brand ethnocentrism on China market, especially Chinese medicine brand and product, which is a representative emotion marketing field. By researching an empirical setting in which buyers have experience on purchasing Chinese medicine product-Yunnan Baiyao, this study proposes the existence of national brand consciousness, consumer brand affectionate bond and product comprehensive utility in Chinese consumer and test their influence on purchase intention based on the results of a survey of 183 multicultural Chinese consumers. Findings suggest that while national brand consciousness positively and directly influences purchase intention, they drive through the positive moderating effects of consumer brand individual and social affectionate bond, as well as product comprehensive Utility. This research has several managerial and theoretical implications indicating that paying attention to the rural China market and elder consumers, while shape the positive national brand image to suit the younger generation through the better product utility besides the emotion marketing.


National Brand Consciousness, Consumer Brand Affectionate Scale, Product Comprehensive Utility, Consumer Purchase Intention, Yunnan Baiyao Group


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