Study on the Factors Influencing the Job Expectations of Pediatric Medical Students in Tianjin

Xiao-fang WANG, Jia-bao WU, Qiang HE, Miao ZHANG, Ying LI, Cai LIU


In order to understand the job expectation and its influencing factors of pediatric medical students in Tianjin, and provide pertinent suggestions accordingly. We conducted statistical analysis of questionnaires. Logistic regression analysis showed that the intrinsic value factor, stability factor, education degree and future intention were the factors influencing the job expectation of pediatric medical students. And we make analysis on the reasons, thus putting forward the improvement strategy, such as Hospital and related government departments should integrate pediatric medical resources, improve the management system of pediatricians and improve the attractiveness of pediatric medical professions. Medical colleges and universities use their own teaching advantages to set up relevant courses for the work value of pediatric medical services, and improve the sense of professional honor for pediatric medical students.


Pediatric Medical Students; Job Expectation; Tianjin


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