Research on the Influence of Sports on College Students’ National Spirit

Jian-jun CHENG


The purpose of this study is to conduct a one-year physical education training for public sports students in Jiangxi Normal University of Science and Technology, and to conduct a questionnaire survey on "national spirit" before and after, and to compare two identical questionnaires one year apart, so as to observe the influence of sports on national spirit. In order to coordinate with the national strategic planning, promote the rapid development of campus football. In order to enrich the theoretical achievements of the study of campus football culture, it provides theoretical reference for related research. The results show that physical education has no significant influence on the national spirit of College students, but it has a certain effect on the improvement of patriotism, competition, overall outlook and obedience of College students, especially on the enhancement of collectivism.


Sports; National Spirit; Theoretical Exploration


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