The Countermeasures Research of Foundation Teaching in Military Academies Closing to the Actual Combat

Mei-li ZHANG, Li-xia WANG, Na WANG


To implement the headquarters of the Central Military Commission’s two indicative spirits, which is “can fight and win the war” and “two close”, improve the actual-combat teaching level of the basic course in academies for degree education, in view of the problems existing in the basic teaching in current academies, there are no obvious military characteristics, the teaching content is backward, the teaching method is single and so on, According to the general requirements of the education in military academies that train qualified personnel to fight to win the war and the education in military academies close to the actual combat and the troops, it puts forward the countermeasures of the basic teaching close to the actual combat, such as teaching contents, teaching methods, teaching support and teaching staff.


Education in Colleges and Academies; Actual Combat Basic Course; Education Model


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