Artistic Appreciation and Cultural Connotations of Wild Camel Stamps

Wurihan, Guleng AMU


Wild camels are rare and endangered animals that are highly adaptable to extreme drought conditions in central Asia. Since the mid-19th century, the population and distribution of wild camels has been shrinking and decreasing. Wild Camel stamps are authoritative, scientific and authentic propaganda media issued by the government. Wild camel stamp combines stamp science with wild camel science, which makes up for the deficiency of single stamp research and single wild camel research. Wild camel stamps depict, using artistic language, the indomitable vitality of the wild camel, which can withstand severe cold and heat, endure hunger and thirst, and resist harsh environment. At the same time, it also publicizes the precious value of the wild camel in the world with the unique function of stamps, reminding people to protect this ancient and magical animal. We hope that wild camel stamps, like other intangible heritages, will have a place in art, collections, and culture.


Wild Camel; Stamp; Artistic Appreciation; Cultural Connotation; Collection


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