Research on the Innovation of Reading Promotion Model in University Libraries

Yang Jing


In the new era, people's daily reading methods have also undergone great changes. For university libraries, the promotion and innovation of reading methods is the only way for them to achieve sustainable development. Based on the analysis of the current reading status of university libraries, this paper points out some problems in reading promotion, and puts forward the strategy of reading and promoting innovation in a targeted manner, striving to make the university library reading promotion service get better development. At present, Internet+, new media, big data, etc. have been widely promoted and developed, and the development of these aspects has also had a great impact on the spread of culture. The university library is an important place for cultural communication. For this reason, in this new era, it is necessary to constantly improve and innovate its own reading promotion mode, and provide students with multi-faceted reading services to promote the improvement of students' cultural knowledge and cultural literacy.


University library; Reading promotion model; Innovation


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