Combining Ability Studies for Seedling Traits in Maize (Zea mays L.) under NaCl Stress

Jin Du, Chunyang Xiang, Gaoyi Cao, Fei Zhao, Yun Han, Heng Zhao, Jian Liu


The combining ability of the major salinity tolerance traits were analysis in maize under NaCl stress. 25 hybrids were designed through incomplete diallel cross which derived from 5 salt-tolerant and 5 salt-sensitive maize inbred lines. The germination rate, height of shoot, length of root, the fresh weight and dry weight of shoot and root, the salt tolerance index (STI), the chlorophyll in seedling leaves, the proline in shoot, the K+ and Na+ in shoot and root to combining ability and genetic parameters were analyzed under 7‰ NaCl stress in maize. A691Ht and 21836 are screened which inbred lines’ GCA are better, the A691Ht×21836, A691Ht×D49-253, 07-115×D153-70, D141-261×D80-366 and D158-20×B73 SCA are better. It was initially identified that the dry weight and fresh weight of root, the value of tolerance to salt stress, the K+ and Na+ in root of the genetic expression is mainly additive allelic effect.


Maize, Salt Stress, Salinity Tolerance Traits, Genetic Analysis


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