Research on the Cooperative Education Mode of Schools and Enterprises in the New Era

Xiaopan Fan, Yiming Liu, Yun Han, Yu Shi, Hua Liu, Lizhen Ma


The development of China has put forward new requirements for the cultivation of talents in colleges and universities under the background of the new era.The paper mainly explores the school-enterprise collaborative education model based on the “School-Enterprise Cooperative Education Steering Committee”, and investigates the current status of the school-enterprise collaborative education mechanism from the perspectives of enterprises, students and graduates. Formulating the program of talents training from four aspects, including the construction of school-enterprise cooperation faculty, the construction of the curriculum system, the innovation of teaching forms, the establishment of the evaluation system, the improvement of the teaching quality monitoring and security system, and thus truly realize the new era of students-college-enterprise win.


new era, school-enterprise collaborative education, cultivation mode


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