Using Big Data Identification Support of Poor Students Based on Fuzzy Clustering Method

Cheng-hui YANG, Yi-Feng ZHENG, Xu DI, Yu-mei LI, Chun-hua MA


How to determine the poor students is the premise and foundation of the poor students' aid work in the major colleges and universities. Although after many years of exploration and improvement, colleges and universities throughout the country have also formed a set of their own identification methods for poor students, but the implementation effect is not ideal. The identification of poor students is still a difficult problem for poor students in colleges and universities. This paper holds that in the process of determining the poor students, especially the index of relative poverty should be a series of index system which synthesizes many factors, but the data performance of these factors is fuzzy, so we can combine big data, Using Fuzzy Cluster Analysis to establish a complete method to determine Poverty The model can be used to accurately identify the poor students.


Big data, Fuzzy clustering, Modelling, Identify, Poor students


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