Research on Eco-riverbed Construction Technology of Teaching Node of Eco-planning

Jian TANG, Xiao-xue HE, Xiong CHEN


The teaching research of ecological riverbed construction technology is a specific case of activating the difficult point of "ecological planning" in urban planning teaching. River ecosystem is an important component of flow ecosystem, which is closely related to human production and life. However, with the rapid development of industrial civilization, a series of factors, such as water pollution, destruction of aquatic biological environment and reduction of water self-purification ability, have caused serious degradation of river ecosystem. Therefore, restoring and rebuilding River ecosystem, restoring river ecological function and ensuring the healthy development of river ecosystem are necessary measures for the sustainable development of society and economy. This study analyzed the ecological connotation of riverbed, the construction form of riverbed to meet the needs of ecological function, and summarized the economic and effective ecological restoration engineering model of riverbed, providing theoretical basis and technical reference for the functional restoration and healthy development of river ecosystem.


Ecology, Urban planning teaching, River ecosystem, Ecotype river bed, Construction technology


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