Influencing Factors of Resettlement Compensation in China’s Urban Renewal: the Case Study of Shibati Area of Chongqing

Xue-yao DU, Jia-hang ZHANG, Tao ZHOU


Urban renewal brings a lot of demolition and reconstruction work. The purpose of this paper is to explore the influencing factors and make suggestions for relevant demolition projects by studying the status quo of resettlement compensation and welfare changes before and after demolition. Firstly, based on the problem of relocation, we selected four demolition and resettlement housing communities in Chongqing province as study areas. Though questionnaires, the changes of compensation for resettlement, community welfare and social relations before and after the demolition were analyzed, and the satisfaction degree of demolished residents was obtained. Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is used to analyze the influence of current residence and other factors on the above three modules. Finally, through case analysis, to improve theoretical analysis, obtained by turning on the compensation and resettlement basic satisfaction, we found that there is information asymmetry problem of the demolition work.


Urban renewal, Resettlement, Demolition project


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