Information Sharing and Decision Making in the Quality Control of a Tunnel Concrete Lining

Jian-qin MA, Ke REN, Jie LIU, Chen XUE, Pan FANG, Wei-qiang MU, Yan-rui HAN, Xiao-bin SUN


Quality control is always required to meet the specified criteria of a tunnel project, such as in terms of safety and durability. However, practices in tunneling have indicated that underground construction projects are notorious quality controls, often as a result of inaccurate interpretation of related information and therefore incorrect predictions. The process of quality controls in tunneling can be improved, provided that the related conflicts can be easily identified and settled or prevented, with transparent information sharing on a project status and its boundary conditions. A case history of the cracking control of a loess tunnel concrete lining is presented, with special reference to the information sharing in the decision making under a specified contractual frame in China.


Quality control, Concrete lining cracking, Information sharing, Decision making, Tunnel


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