Empirical Analysis of Commercial Bank Performance and Its Non-Interest Income under the New Normal—Based on the Data from 17 China’s Listed Commercial Banks of 2008–2015

Xiao-yuan GAO


In the article, data from 17 listed commercial banks from 2008 to 2015 were selected as the sample. Through the construction of panel data model, empirical analysis was conducted about the relationship between the non-interest income and the commercial bank business performance. The result demonstrated that a significant positive correlation existed between the non-interest income and the commercial bank performance. Moreover, the development of non-interest income made greater contribution to state-holding commercial banks than share-holding or city commercial banks. Therefore, the commercial bank was able to take some approaches, such as the deduction of business cost, expansion of non-interest income scale, and enhancement of innovation, to improve profitability and business performance.


Listed commercial banks, Non-Interest income, Net interest margin, Cost-to-Income ratio, Business performance


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