Theory and Practice of Cultivation for Master of Transportation Engineering under New-Old Kinetic Energy Conversion

Xin-de TANG, Chun-li ZHAO, Zhan QU, Yue-qing YANG, Jin LIU


To meet the requirements of transportation industry under the transformation of new-old kinetic energy (replacing old growth drivers with new ones), through reforming the existing curriculum system, engineering practice and quality assurance system (“Three Reforms”), a curriculum system aimed at the transportation industry requirements, a practice system oriented by improving engineering capability and a quality assurance system with the training of applied talents as the main line (“Three Systems”) will be established. It can be anticipated to solve the problems of insufficient knowledge ability, insufficient engineering practice ability and insufficient application-oriented characteristics (“Three Deficiencies”) for improving the training quality of Master of Transportation Engineering and providing talent support for the healthy and rapid development of transportation industry.


New-old kinetic energy conversion, Master of transportation engineering, Talent cultivation


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