On the Construction of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents Training System for E-Commerce Major

Cai-Xia LIAO, Min TANG, Jun LIU


Under the influence of "Internet +" environment, the training of e-commerce talents in higher vocational colleges should keep pace with the times, take the "five industries as the main link" as the main line, and take the "four in one curriculum system" and "the innovation and practice system inside and outside college integration" as the foundation, construct the training system of innovation and entrepreneurship talents in e-commerce major, and improve the training level of students cultivation and thus enhance the quality of personnel training in Vocational colleges. E-commerce is developing at an unprecedented speed. Network entrepreneurship is a relatively low-cost, low-threshold choice for creators. It has become the first choice for many entrepreneurs. Therefore, the implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship education in E-commerce major has unique advantages in the real society. In the era of "Internet +", how to deepen the education reform of e-business innovation and entrepreneurship education has become a breakthrough in promoting the transformation of applied technology universities, and an important measure to promote higher vocational college students' Entrepreneurship and employment.


E-commerce Major, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Personnel Training


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