On the Application of Experiential Teaching in Cooking English

Min TANG, Cai-Xia LIAO, Teng-Juan LI


Cooking English is a professional English course for the major of Cooking Technology and Nutrition in Higher Vocational colleges. It is compulsory course for sophomores in college. The learning of this course requires students to have some listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities in advance. However, the college entrance examination scores of students in higher vocational colleges are generally low, and there are not a few students whose English is not well. Such current situation of the college student leads to the dilemma of English study. Experiential teaching is widely used in English learning. It is mainly applied to the study of College English, rarely applied to the professional Cooking English. This paper tries to find a suitable learning method for culinary majors by learning the existing research results and experience, so as to improve the teaching level of professional cooking English in Higher Vocational colleges and then enhance teaching effectiveness and improving the professional English teaching ability.


Cooking English, Traditional Teaching, Experimental Teaching


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