Electronic Forensics Deposit Model Based on Block Chain

Jian-Ying XIONG


Block chain has the characteristics of decentralization, openness, autonomy; information cannot be altered forged and so on. It is superior to centralized database in data security and data sharing. Many industries have actively carried out the application research of block chain. The judicial departments have very high requirements for data sharing and data security. The application of block chain is also feasible. This paper studies and analyzes the principle, types and development trend of block chain technology, and puts forward the value of block chain application in the management of judicial evidence data. Taking the case investigation evidence information management as an example, we constructed a "coalition chain" structure of evidence storage, consensus mechanism and block data structure, so as to realize the data sharing and security management within the coalition.


Electronic Forensics, Evidence Deposit, Block Chain, Data Security, Judicial Informationization


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