Research on the Application of CPI Teaching Method in Computer Courses in University in the Age of AI

Jing GAO, Le HAN


Since big data was first put forward in 2008, it has caused dramatic effect in education, which impels a lot of educators to explore effective teaching methods. In the meanwhile, people from all walks of life have been seeking new methods along with Artificial Intelligence (AI) being mentioned again since it was presented in 1956. Faced with such earthshaking changes in the field of education, the “digital tsunami”, MOOCs, has erupted, which puts education informatization into a new climax. This article analyzes the development of computer education at home and abroad and discusses various methods of computer education proposed by educators. On this basis, it points out that education informatization is the means of education, and information education is the product of education, and proposes CPI teaching method of computer courses. CPI teaching method is a teaching method based on cognitive theory and structure system of knowledge. Combining with specific discipline, the teaching method is an integration of cognition, practice and innovation. Practice shows that this theory has been applied to computer courses and has achieved remarkable results. It can help students master more knowledge quickly and firmly in a limited time and achieve a high-level self-cognition.


Education Informatization, CPI Teaching Method, Cognitive Theory, Artificial Intelligence


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