Research on the Countermeasures for Training Technical Skills Talents in Intelligent Manufacturing Environment

Zhu-Ming CAO, Na ZHANG, Jun-Liang JIA, Cai-Ying QIAO


Historical experience proves that the equipment manufacturing industry is a country's core competitiveness, and building an internationally competitive manufacturing industry is the only way for China to upgrade its national strength, safeguard national security, and build a world power. Since the implementation of the "Made in China 2025" strategy in 2015, the national manufacturing industry is undergoing intensive transformation and upgrading, and the corresponding technical skills training has become a hot issue in the field of vocational education. In this paper, the objectives and connotations of Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing are elaborated. At the same time, the ability model of technical skills talents under the intelligent manufacturing mode is constructed. The countermeasures for the cultivation of intelligent manufacturing technology skills are studied.


Intelligent Manufacturing, Technical Skills Talent, Ability Model, Countermeasures, Research


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