How Does Psychological Contract Affect Employees' Job Involvement: Taking Organizational Emotional Commitment as the Intervening Variable

Ping-ting FU, Ke-jun ZHANG, Feng-ting WU, Xing-ze WU


With the development of the era of knowledge economy, psychological contract, as the link between enterprises and employees, has a profound impact on employees' cognition, attitude and behavior, and plays a key role in employees' work investment and performance. In this study, 204 effective samples were collected from a well-known domestic human resource service institution, and the contingency relationship and mechanism between psychological contract and employee work investment were discussed. The results show that the transactional psychological contract and relational contract have 1significant positive effects on the employee's job engagement. The transactional and relational contracts have significant positive effects on organizational affective commitment. Organizational affective commitment has significant positive effect on employee's job involvement. Organizational affective commitment plays an intermediary role in the relationship between psychological contract and job involvement.


Psychological contract, Work involvement, Organizing emotional commitment


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