A Narrative Inquiry into Cultivating Intercultural Competence Through the English Instruction

Yuan-ying FANG, Zhi-lian ZHENG


In response to the call of “the Belt and Road”, China needs talents who are capable of strengthening exchange and cooperation in all fields. To meet this demand, an increasing number of international volunteer organizations are offering intercultural platforms to enhance college students’ intercultural competence through English instruction. The research method adopted narrative inquiry. Fujia, a female English major graduated from a university in Zhejiang Province, China, was chosen as the research participant. The author collected primary data of this inquiry through classroom observations, interviews, teaching journals and lesson plans. Knowledge, skill, attitude and consciousness, which were raised by Byram and other scholars were used as the framework to analyze the data. The results of the study reveal that Fujia had improved in these four aspects to different degrees. The study proves that the volunteer teaching program organized by international volunteer organizations is a good attempt to promote Chinese university students’ intercultural competence.


English instruction, Intercultural competence, Narrative inquiry


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