The Construction of Ecosystem for Cultivating Automobile Innovative Talents Based on the Development Process of Racing Car Products

Zhao-wen DENG, Shu-qian ZHANG, Wei GAO


Focusing on the cultivation of students' engineering innovation ability, the paper puts forward the talent cultivation concept based on the development process of FSAE racing products, a step-type engineering ability cultivation system has been constructed based on the development process of FSAE racing products; with the construction of characteristic practice platform as the starting point, the innovation ability training system has been established corresponding to grade and progressive; Aiming at cultivating the ability to solve complex engineering problems, the independent learning and autonomous management mechanism has been established, a good automobile innovative talent cultivation ecosystem has been constructed, the education regression of "practical education" project and the experimental demonstration and promotion of the ecosystem model have been realized.


FSAE, Independent learning, Autonomous management, Ecosystem, Project education regression


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