Research of Advanced Mathematics in English Teaching for International Students in China Based on “One Belt and One Road"

Xue-fei LU, Jun ZHAO, Feng-juan DONG, Yan-hong SHE


In order to respond to “One Belt and One Road” strategic alliance of universities and promote the international cooperation platform of higher education. Taking Xi'an Petroleum University as an example, the paper analyzes the current situation of advanced mathematics teaching, and discusses the teaching mode and method of advanced mathematics course for international students. Student-centered teaching model according to their aptitude and a diversity assessment method based on big data and Internet Q&A were proposed, which can be used as reference for future teaching and other basic courses for international students in China, and to improve the teaching quality of advanced mathematics courses in “One Belt and One Road”.


“One Belt and One Road”, international students in China, Advanced mathematics, English teaching, Diversification


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