Discussion on the Auxiliary Role of Micro-course in Badminton Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Fan ZHANG, Hong-jun MA


As a new teaching method, micro-course is very different from the traditional teaching method. It can be taught across space and can be studied repeatedly. Its "short, small, refined and tough" characteristics are generally welcomed in the teaching process. As a kind of adversative sport with strict requirements on physical ability, skills and intelligence, badminton requires a relatively high standard of technical actions. The use of micro courses in badminton teaching in colleges and universities can enable students to better participate in learning and sports and improve the teaching effect. With the continuous development of science and technology, the society has entered the information age, the teaching mode of teachers has become different, and the classroom has undergone earth-shaking changes. Teachers can use rich video files, interesting pictures, vivid audio, unique ways and so on to improve students' interest in learning the teaching content. As a new teaching method, micro-course has been widely concerned by teachers and students, and scholars have conducted a lot of research on it, but most of the research is focused on the teaching of theoretical courses. Can micro-course teaching be applied to physical education teaching? This paper will discuss the auxiliary role of micro-course in badminton teaching in colleges and universities.


Micro class, Badminton teaching in colleges and universities, Supporting role


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