On Exploring the Problem- Based Learning Method of General Education Course

Ran-zhe JING, Tong LUO


With rote study in traditional education increasingly inefficient, problem-based learning (PBL) is proposed as a novel approach to enhance efficiency of teaching and learning. Based on the dynamic data collection, we divided the teaching procedure into three stages. Meanwhile, we analysed the influence factors during students’ learning process and formed a problem design framework. The higher degree of students’ academic performance and satisfaction through the general education course “Internet plus and Smart Economy”, has truly proved the glamour of PBL. This paper concludes that PBL sets a good example to shift educators from pure imputers to facilitators, students from passive listeners to active learners, it proposes a novel approach to explore the problem-based learning method of general education course.


Problem-based learning, Problem design, General education, Smart economy, Teaching method


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