Interaction and Turn: A Cross Boundary Study on the Form of College Students’ New Media Communication



Under the view of the new media, the ideological and political education in colleges and universities was faced with new tasks and challenges. This paper attempts to explore the existing problems of college students in the new media communication form and the law of development, starting from the three stages of new media communication, revealing the ideological and political work in universities was faced with a new turn, to explore the integration of Ideological and political education of new media and universities, to enrich the connotation of Ideological and political work. At the same time, the article will reflect on the cultivation path of new media literacy and the ways and means of Ideological and political work under the new situation under the direction of Internet thinking. This is not only the innovation of College Ideological and political education work under the new media, but also a process of constructing big ideological and political pattern of cross-border thinking.


New Media; Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities; Internet Thinking; Cross Boundary ResearchText


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