From The Old Silk Road to The New Silk Road Era: Promoting of Chinese Culture in Republic of Macedonia



Up today is not certainly known how deep in the history the roots of the Chinese and Macedonian cultures have met, but certainly is known their bindings have started prior the first century BC when the traders, pilgrims and warriors started their walking the greatest land route on earth, from the very far East of today China’s Xian, following the road that has been traced and walked by the greatest commander and conqueror in the world – Alexander the Great of Macedonia; all along to the Mediterranean region in the West. Based on the existing written, video, audio data found online, this work is giving a clear reflection of the culture walks of China in Macedonia, dating back from The Old Silk Road up to nowadays New Silk Road; is divided into four sections: the times from the beginning of The Silk Road to the establishment of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (hereinafter SFRY) (130 BC to 1945 AD), the times during the SFRY (1945 - 1991), the times after Macedonia is becoming autonomous country to the New Silk Road era (1991 - 2013) and from the reactivating The Silk Road (2013) onwards; is making the picture of this China culture mosaic in Macedonia clearer by emphasizing the barriers that have come on the way, the solutions of their overcoming and is giving some more ideas of how this mosaic can be enriched and can make the walk of China culture in Macedonia has future firmer steps.


Chinese culture, Republic of Macedonia, Silk RoadText


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