Design and Initial Practice of Basic Military Knowledge Answering Competition Platform

Hai-ye LU, Feng-tao XIAO, Jing-jing XIONG, Yue WANG, Rong-mei CAO, Si-si WANG


Since the second half of 2017, Knowledge Answering Competition Platform based on WeChat Mini Program has been widely popular. To support military personnel to massively operate online learning and evaluation activities of basic military knowledge, the gamification answering competition platform for basic military knowledge, Military Brain, is designed. This platform concentrates on the 15 modules of basic military knowledge, combines military personnel’s features of “organized and independent learning”. Some partial tests has been carried out on this platform, which indicates that initial results have been achieved in practice. It simultaneously shows that software functions and learning contents associated with basic military knowledge in this platform have been easier recognized by officers and soldiers.


WeChat Mini program, Military brain, Knowledge answering competition platform


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