Study on the Spatial Correlation of Regional Economic in Sichuan Province: Based on Analytic Network Process

Ao LEI, Yi-Xiang TIAN


This paper used network analysis method to construct the economic spillover network of 21 cities in Sichuan Province, and measures the network relevance and centrality through some relevant indicators. Combined with QAP quadratic assignment procedure regression method, this paper studied the key influencing factors of regional economic spatial correlation of Sichuan Province. The empirical results show: The economic spatial correlation network of each city has certain stability and hierarchy, but it does not integrate both the high and low disparity areas. The Club effect exists in the regional economic development of the province. The economic spillover effect between cities and states is not only related to the regional spatial adjacency, but also significant affected by the regional development pattern and the industrial structure difference. Moreover, the macroeconomic downturn also has a significant impact on spatial correlation.


Regional economic, Spatial correlation, Analytic network process


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