Construction of an Inter-disciplinary and Cross-integration Compounding and Innovative Talent Training System

Jin-quan LI, Zi-xuan FAN, Shan-shan XIE, Lu-tao YAN, Lei HAN


Changes in demand for new engineering talents for new trends such as Internet+ and China Manufacturing 2025, we constructed a new training system for inter-disciplinary and innovative talents with integration of four top-notch majors. This new training system comprehensively considered the interrelationship between professional knowledge and striving spirit, research type and skill type. Furthermore, in the aspects of general education module, subject basic module, professional basic module, professional course module and practical teaching module, we have considered the similarities and differences between the four majors and the division of labor in the knowledge system that China manufacturing 2025 talents should have, for these needs, we devised specific platform and special courses.


Training System, New Engineering, Inter-disciplinary, Innovative Talents


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