Path Exploration of Teaching Reform of Law Undergraduate Education Under the Background of "Internet +"

Jing-Fang ZHENG, Dong WANG


At present, the large-scale training of law students in our country has indeed played an effective role in solving the problem of lack of talents for the development of the rule of law, but there are also some problems in teaching activities. Law is a specialty with strong practicality. Under the background of "Internet +", the application of diversified teaching modes such as Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), Micro-Course Online and Flipped Classroom has challenged the traditional law undergraduate education. The cultivation of law undergraduate talents needs to start from the great development of "Internet +", re-integrate the law undergraduate curriculum and reform the law undergraduate education and teaching, so that the law undergraduate education and teaching can meet the demand of "Internet +" for law talents, so as to cultivate more practical talents for the society.


Internet +; Teaching Reform; Legal Education


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