The Practice of Training Mode of Financial Innovative Talents —Taking Hubei University of Economics’ International Financial Experimental Class as an Example

Yi LI, Jie ZHANG, Qian-Qian GUO, Shi-Yu ZHU, Yan-Nan LI, Hua-Yao PAN


The innovation of talent training mode is related to the improvement of the quality of talent training. In reality, there are two typical talent training modes, one is the talent training mode centered on imparting knowledge, and the other is the student-centered talent training mode. This paper takes the "International Finance Experimental Class" of Hubei University of Economics as a sample, and carries out the reform of the "three-properties" and "three-systems" talent training mode of the international financial experiment class around "student-centered", and has achieved remarkable results, which has made useful exploration and practice for promoting the cultivation of financial innovation talent.


Talent training mode; Finance professionals; International Finance Experimental Class; Three-properties; Three-systems


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