Investigation on Safety Anthropic Factor of Labs and Undergraduate Education in the University

Dan MEI, Xiao-Mei PENG, Xue-Mei XU, Fu-Tang XING


Frequent lab accidents have drawn public attention. Anthropic factor is the main reason of lab accidents. Through the questionnaire, the awareness of lab safety knowledge and the familiarity of with lab safety behaviors of students who participate in experiments can be known, moreover the effects of the amount of lab experience and the diversity of education levels on investigation results are analyzed. The results indicate that: postgraduates have higher education levels; both postgraduates and undergraduates are lack of systematic understanding to the disposals of lab routine accidents. Safety behaviors of students who have less lab experience are more normative and rigorous, therefore, the education of emergency treatment of accident and the training for students who have less lab experience should be strengthened in safety education.


Lab safety; Questionnaire; Anthropic factor; Safety education; Safety behavior


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