The Influence of Light on Character Image in Stage Management

Chang-long LIU, Xiao-fei HAN


In the 21st century world, with the rapid development of information technology, each industry is booming, and cultural industries have also been developed. With abundant cultural performances approach the people around, cultural display scan be performed at any time without restriction because of improved stage equipments. Stage lighting is essential in the show. People use different lighting equipments to decorate the stage for lighting and providing actors very good condition to show. Considering different light colors and positions, even some seemingly insignificant things cooperation with stage lighting, the actors can make it better to perform more vivid characters to the audience in the show. Stage lighting is a good tool for playing character images. stage lighting , including changes in both the colors and location , and no matter what the stage for the location , can give the actors a suitable display condition . Moreover, just a little designs, it can fit perfectly the actor. In a word, Stage lighting act as a soul for the show. In this paper, after referring to plenty of related books, we deeply studied the impact of stage lighting on the stage characters, and then lay the foundation for future research.


Stage lighting, The characters on stage, Character Image.


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