Study on the Gradation and Factors of Spatial Correlation Network of Regional economy in Sichuan Province

Yue-Dong SONG, Yi-Xiang TIAN, Ao LEI


This paper used the spatial gravity model to measure the economic spatial linkages and constructed a spatial correlation network of 21 cities in Sichuan Province. We also divided the role and location of each region in the economic spatial association network by block model theory. Finally, we combined the QAP quadratic assignment procedure regression method to empirically study the key factors of regional economic spatial correlation of Sichuan Province. The empirical results show: The polarization of regional economic in Sichuan Province is prominent, but it has a trend of multi-level and integration development; The regional economic spatial correlation network has a block structure, and there is a ladder-like overflow transfer mechanism between plates; The impact of investment differences and economic extroversion on regional economic linkages is long-term and stable, the macroeconomic downturn has a significant effect.


Regional economy, Spatial correlation, Block models


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